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A word search (also known as "word find") is a grid filled with letters. A number of words are hidden in this grid. The words may have been placed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. They may have been written backwards or not.

The object is to find the words and mark them. You can mark words by clicking on the first letter, holding the mouse button down and dragging the pointer to the last letter of the word. If you start with the last letter and end with the first, it also works.

You'll see a line that indicates your path. If your selection is correct, the line will change to an encirclement and the corresponding word in the list will change color.

challenges offers a number of variants of the same daily puzzle, which allow you to choose a degree of difficulty that you like best.

  • standard *

    A 15 by 15 grid in which 25 words are hidden. Fairly simple, suitable for younger puzzlers and beginners.

  • extra large **

    A 25 by 20 grid in which 25 words are hidden. Will take a little longer to solve.

  • hidden list ***

    A 25 by 20 grid in which 25 words are hidden. The words however are not shown in the wordlist. Only a dotted line that indicates the length of each word.

  • scrambled ****

    A 25 by 20 grid in which 25 words are hidden. The words in this nasty little puzzle are all scrambled. For instance, a word like 'book' could be found in the grid as 'obko'. Or 'yukon' could be found as 'konuy'.

  • encrypted *****

    A 25 by 20 grid in which 25 words are hidden. This time the words are not scrambled but encrypted. As a matter of fact the entire grid is encrypted, following the principle of letter substitution: A = H, B = R, C = F and so on. (In reality the letters A, B and C may be mapped to different letters than in this example, of course.)

    You can find the words by recognizing patterns. If a word is found, all the letters in the grid that correspond with the letters of the found word will also be uncovered. This way you can gradually break the grid open and discover the remaining words.


If you get stuck with one of the puzzles you can request a hint by clicking the hint button. A little square will be drawn around the first letter of a hidden word. In case of a scrambled puzzle, it will be the first letter of the scrambled string.

previous day / archive makes it possible to access previous daily puzzles. You can go back by using the previous day button, or you can search the archive by index. See the search page for more details.


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